Services in our premises

  • Therapy dog
  • Service dog
  • Behavior improvement
  • Qualification test for therapy or service dog
  • Training sessions and seminars
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Alternatives for people who do not have the chance to accommodate the dog at their place

Visits to our facilities.

Beneficiaries and their families have the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation, socialization activities, etc, in the specially designed space of ​​our training center.

Visits of the therapy dog and the trainer-instructor to the beneficiary’s own place.

Our projects offer the possibility of visits at home. The therapy dog together with the trainer-instructor may visit your own place so that a suitable and tailored to the needs of the individual or family program is designed and developed.


Cooperation with Children Special Education Center NOIMATHISI

It has been shown that the frequent interaction of man with dogs has a positive effect on human psychology and especially in the social development of children. In fact, the healing abilities of therapy dogs seem to help particular children who face a variety of developmental difficulties (autism, mental retardation), learning disabilities (dyslexia) and disorders of mood (depression and anxiety) and enhance communication and social skills.

With the selfless tenderness and affection, which offers a specially trained dog, without judge the opposite, responding to the caresses and attention of the child in the most balanced way of turning the playful mood in a therapy session. It is a model model of therapeutic sessions which have been developed by dog operators-trainers in conjunction with specialist therapists.

In recent years the exclusive cooperation of Dogtherapy team and the special education center for children NOIMATHISI has shown us how important this contact is to a child, enabling us to organize such sessions. For this reason we present you the first session which can be held in the specially designed space of our center as well as in your space.

New Dogtherapy members

Our organization welcomes the new members that will grow and will be trained as therapy dogs in order to participate in therapeutic sessions and visit to special centers along with their handler and the special therapist.

Dogtherapy gives the opportunity to qualified therapists to acquire their own therapy dog in order to integrate it into their sessions.

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Konstantinos Koilias:               6937-423900

Konstantina Thanasoula:        6983-067428