Dog suitable for Therapy Dog

The therapy dog is specially trained to provide assistance and companionship to people who experiencing stressful situations in treatment units such as hospitals, nursing homes, special schools, natural disasters and children with learning disabilities or developmental disorders, as well as people with psychiatric or psychological problems.

Therapy dogs are trained in order to provide companionship, support and assistance.

  • On individual level:

-for children with developmental disorders or learning difficulties

-for persons with psychological problems, disorders or other mental health issues

  • On group level:

-groups from 2 to 5 persons depending on the environment and claims

  • Visits:

-to persons staying in hosting facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing and rest homes (the stay in such places is often associated with physiological reactions and stressful conditions)

A therapy dog is trained so that they contribute to the rehabilitation process alongside their handlers during sessions at home and in spaces with certain layout.

A therapy dog should be health, fully vaccinated, sterilized and degraded. The dog should not eat raw food and be able to comply the commands of basic education.

Training is also about personality. The dog should be friendly and familiar with the sharp touch or inconvenient caress. The animal should be social, calm, patient, cool and capable of cooperating without aggression history.

Physical contact between a dog and a person lies in the core of the therapeutic relationship. Therefore, it is important for the dog to be able to offer his companion and to convey his peaceful state of mind without feeling as if it encounters a threat or a scary condition.

New Dogtherapy members

Our organization welcomes the new members that will grow and will be trained as therapy dogs in order to participate in therapeutic sessions and visit to special centers along with their handler and the special therapist.

Dogtherapy gives the opportunity to qualified therapists to acquire their own therapy dog in order to integrate it into their sessions.

For more information please call the contact numbers:

Konstantinos Koilias:               6937-423900

Konstantina Thanasoula:        6983-067428  


Kristy is synonym to cuddling! She was found wandering stray in the streets.

Our trainer was surprised with her incredible personality, so soon she became part of the team.

She is getting along with both adults and kids.

She is calm and tranquil. Extra bonus: she loves being rubbed on her belly!


Vangelis is our fuzzy monster and Instagram star!

He is all about playing around and be petted!

He has been trained and he is now ready to show love and take care of anyone who needs him.


Our beloved Teddy started her treatment sessions.

Teddy is trained as a treatment dog by our Organization in order to be able to help children and adults with visible and invisible disabilities.

Good start Teddy !!