Who we are

Our team was created in 2007 by trainer-instructor Mr. Kostas Koilias with the main goal to provide persons from vulnerable groups (such as children, elderly people, etc.) and beyond with assistance and support.

Motivated by the love for both dogs and individuals, the team has been staffed with trainers (2) and a scientific associate.

Our mission

The training sessions take place in individual or group meetings indoors or outdoors.

The sessions involve both the dog trainer (instructor) and the specialist (GP, psychologist, etc.) who monitors the beneficiary.

The various features of each beneficiary are central in the dog’s training for the best possible results. 

Konstantinos koilias

With almost 20 years of experience in basic obedience and specialized education, Konstantinos has been working during the last years as a dog trainer and behaviorist with emphasis on problem solving.

He has attended various seminars and trainings for dog therapy, assistance and service dog, dog sports like IPO, agility as well as search and rescue dog. Moreover, Konstantinos has worked as a vet assistant.

Additional trainings for protection dogs, search- rescue patrols and detection followed; thus, Konstantinos made numerous trips to Hungary in order to find, control and train dogs that were afterwards to be deployed by the Greek Police and the Army.

With that further experience as a dog trainer he continued being an apprentice not only in Greece but also in Slovakia, the Netherlands and Germany.

After a while, Konstantinos found himself in Northern Carolina (USA) where he was certified as professional trainer and handler of detection dogs; Konstantinos also worked in the States in similar positions.

His personal contact with dogs on a daily basis as well as his participation in animal welfare associations revealed the healing abilities that a dog can generously offer to everyone. Motivated by this, Konstantinos attended courses and even worked afterwards as a professional therapy and service dog trainer at the Highland Canine Training Centre.

Over the past three years he have been working as a dog trainer whilst liaising with special therapy centers too; individual sessions at home or group sessions are organized and conducted with the presence of a therapy dog for children, adolescents and adults under his guidance.

Thanasoula Konstantina

Konstantina graduated from Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment (UOA); during the last years she has devoted herself to dog training and therapy.

The first step she took towards that direction was attending courses for dog’s basic obedience and behavior modification (Dogs work and play by Mr Koilias and Samaras), she participated in a 3day course led by Kay Laurence in the UK and completed a two month internship in basic obedience and behavior revising in Pennsylvania, US.

Currently, Konstantina is attending various distance learning programs such as special therapy and cognitive – behavioral therapy (Aegean University) and animal assisted therapy (Animal Jobs Direct, UK), while doing therapeutic work (individually and in groups) by conducting sessions with the support of a therapy dog.